What is WhoaSnow?
WhoaSnow is a blog and resource for everything snowboarding. While we focus 90% of our attention on snowboarding, you may also find some other winter related content that is deemed worthy.

Where did WhoaSnow Come From?
WhoaSnow was designed and developed by Dan Mensinger & Shane Rule.

Why Make a Snowboarding Website Anyways?
We are huge snowboarding fans. The only thing that comes before boarding is family, which means as long as there’s food on the table and a roof over our heads you can bet we will be out there on the mountain every chance we get. Born and raised on the east coast, we were brought up to shred the toughest (or worst!) terrains. Sure we may not have the 12 feet of powder or the 6k vertical, but the passion is there just the same. WhoaSnow is here to spread that love around.

Anything Else?
No? Wait.. YES! Check out this post with more fun facts about WhoaSnow.

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