7 Amazing Fisheye Snowboard Pics

- January 30, 2010

Man if I only had $500 to blow on a fisheye lens for my Canon Rebel XT. Why do lenses have to be so expensive?! The 180 degree wide angle view can make some of these sickest snowboarding shots out there.

Oh well, lets at least enjoy a few from the pros.



Ania 5-0


Aleksander - Bs 180

Danael Gosparini, bs1 melon

whats up?

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Posted by Dan, under Photography.
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  • I think Brighton is charging now because I heard some guy ducked under a rope while they were building jumps, and he hit it and broke his back. Yeah, what a moron. Fortunately they still built jumps for Nikita Chickita, but I noticed the park crew was very attentive not to let anyone in during break and after the comp. I don’t know if they left the features up when the comp was over though

  • Wow those are just AWESOME. I love my fisheye on my Nikon but I never use it nearly enough. This is inspiring me to get out there for more.

    • admin

      I know aren’t they sick! I know you have a sweet Nikon, I didnt know you had a fisheye lens. Definitely take it out more, huge potential with any sport photography. Let me know if you get any good ones!