Forum Youngblood: Chillydog Review

- December 22, 2010

So far this season has been great. My ‘local’ mountains are getting pounded with fresh snow since early December and what a better way to celebrate than slashing some powder with my new Forum Youngblood Chillydog.

Forum Youngblood Chillydog I’m not one to purchase a new board every season, mostly because I can’t afford it, but I had been itching to purchase a rocker all summer so I figured I might as well just do it. I’m glad I did. My previous ride was the Solomon Sanchez, a great board in itself, but it’s nice to switch it up a bit.

The first thing I noticed riding the Chillydog was the flex. I’ve taken some soft boards for a few runs before but never owned a noodle. Right away I noticed the Chillydog was pretty much what I was looking for in board flex. Not super soft, but definitely more flex than a cambered board. I can easily press down tail manuals and even attempt to balance on my nose with this board. The rocker shape is also about mid range, somewhere between a hybrid reverse camber board and the Burton V-Rockers. However regardless of the flex and arch, the board still has great pop as advertised with the 2010 model “Chillydog with POP!”. This is due to the built in pop zone from the inserts to contact points of the nose and tail.

After a few days of riding powder and packed pow I am amazed at the feel of this board. The 148cm length is more controllable for me than my previous 151 Sanchez, allowing for better carves and quicker spins. The board has a a solid feel to it with plenty of stomping power for such little weight. Meanwhile I kept perfect control cruising groomers at high speeds, transitioning to powdery fresh track edges, and back to groomers if you know what I mean. If not, well let’s just say the board handles quite well.

Overall I am very happy to continue riding this board all season long and can’t wait to get out there again. I would recommend this board to anyone looking for a good all around rocker or a even playful park board. For more info check out this video or Google it.

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Posted by Dan, under Reviews.
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  • chandler

    would you say it’s good thru trees?

    • Dan

      Absolutely, I enjoy riding a rocker in powder because you don’t need to lean back quite as hard, and like I said, the board is soft but not a noodle so you still have plenty of control.