Kilian Martin: Altered Route

- May 31, 2012

Kilian Martin teamed up with innovative film maker Brett Novak to create this one-of-a-kind skate film. I posted about Kilian Martin before, and complimented on his unique, yet criticized, style of skating. Personally I find it absolutely amazing, and if anything, simply pushing the limits of what “skateboarding” really can be. Not that the traditional style of skating is bad, because it clearly is not, but it’s always enjoyable to see someone take their own path in skateboarding, snowboarding or any sport for that matter.

Martin’s skate style combined with the superb film production by Novak really come together into something more artistic and engaging than your normal skate flick.

View the video below and read the interview with Kilian here.

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Posted by Dan, under Skateboarding, Videos.
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