Kilian Martin: The New Mullen?

- December 10, 2010

Ok perhaps not, Rodney Mullen didn’t in fact create the handstand flip or multiple board tricks, but he did definitely have a similar style and technicality to his riding that Kilian Martin does. Either way, this takes some serious skill. This video just amazes me, his skating is awesome, the music is perfect, and the filming is superb. So yes, here is it, a mid-December skate video.

Want More Kilian Martin?

Check out the film Concrete Circus, which includes Kilian Martin as well as other amazing atheletes.

“It brings together the world’s biggest action sports stars with the filmmakers behind some of the most beautiful and dangerous viral videos. Together they set out to make four brand new, mesmerising and often death-defying videos that push the limits of possibility within Parkour, Skateboarding, Urban Trials and BMX Flatland.”

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Posted by Dan, under Skateboarding.
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  • Bryan

    Mullen is a terrific skater. His style, however, is very unorthodox. He seems to enjoy thoroughly damaging his board in ways that look really cool. I agree that Martin definitely idolized him as a child, but then added some more to Mullen’s style. In this video Martin uses two or three boards in several of his shots. I would call that, a whole different style of skating. So I think that Martin, took Mullen’s style of skating and brought it to a different level. So Martin isn’t exactly the next Mullen. He’s risen up and left Mullen in the dust.

  • fthisguy

    rodney mullen will never be recreated. stop trying.

  • Sketchydeal!

    Nice try. He obviously grew up idolizing Rodney, but there can only be one Rodney Mullen. It’s like trying to claim Sidney Crosby is the “new” Wayne Gretzky… The kids got skills, but he wouldt have known 90% of his tricks if it wasn’t for Rodney blazing the trail 25 years ago.

  • beebop skippidy bop

    that was incredible. It looks fake when he spins around on one foot. And I brake my leg just cruising down a hill.