Margaritavile Sunglasses: Hemisphere

- October 28, 2011

Picked up a pair of Margaritaville Hemisphere sunglasses the other day. I have always been a fan of aviator style shades and my previous pair of Anon’s were seeing better days. After seeing the black wire frame with blue spectra polarized lenses I took a chance with a brand I didn’t know much about and got them in the mail just the other day.

Margaritaville Hemisphere

The glasses were packed in a customized and sturdy zipper-closing case inside an illustrated microfiber cleaning bag. Upon pulling them out of the bag the first thing I noticed was the blue polarization was a bit darker than the online pic above advertised them to be, see my image below. However I had already assumed this was the case because I have seen similar color variances in other sunglasses as well as goggles when it comes to photographing polarized lenses. Overall there is an equal amount of indigo alongside the blue tint, but combined with the matte black frames it looks smooth.

Margaritaville Hemisphere

My second initial response to the glasses were noticing how light they were, at least half the weight of my Anon’s. The wire-frame is thin and sturdy, and opens easily but with a tight fold that stays put not matter how much they are extended open.

I have a slim face, which sometimes can look hidden behind a pair of large aviators, but the Margaritaville’s are small-average sized lenses and fit nice and snug across my face which was a great surprise. From behind the lenses, they portray a yellow-green tint across the landscape in front of you, a nice variance to the normal polarization I am used to. It’s bound to make those sunny beach days, or better yet, the bluebird snow covered days, a little less glaring and a lot more appealing.

Overall I am impressed with the glasses, although not the most affordable sunglasses at $179.95, you certainly get what you pay for with the Hemispheres. I guess the only thing that would make these better is an ice cold margarita.

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  • harvey

    upon coming across these out shopping for christmas, i saw them upon other sun glasses on a rack. liking the style of the glasses and the colour from a first glance, picking them up to and being shoicked at how light they were.
    they were the gunmetal glasses and they fitted easly and leaving little space around each eye letting light in.
    for the price of 13 pound (bout 26 dollers) i brought them.
    liking them that much i search for them online and to find the price on there website being 45 pound (90 dollers)
    being shocked at the price but quailty of the glasses i went around trying to find another set.
    at last i found another set but a blue pair.
    having one pair for about 20 days and the others for 15 days, the blue pair come to favour always yet both of them are brillant money for value, yet never heard of them before.
    i have been using them at work in the construction industry and they are just brillant, but the test will be when i go out skiing in them

    well worth there money if you ever see them !