Robot Food: Afterbang. Full Video

- April 1, 2010

Afterbang (2002), along with every other Robot Food movie, are pretty much my favorite films to date. So naturally, I want you all to see them. Here’s Afterbang. Wish the quality were better, but this will have to suffice for now.

Watch Afterlame?

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  • yeah…best movie ever…it made me quit skiing and start snowboarding

  • r

    Oh boy, I’ve been searching for this for years! My friend had this on DVD and we used to watch it hundreds of times… good times, the best movie ever.

    Thanks for uploading this!

  • Dano

    YES@! THANK YOU! Do you know where I can purchase this? or anyone you know willing to give a copy up? I’ve been searching for a few years now.