Seb Toots Slaying Canadian Streets

- April 12, 2013

You already know Sebastien Toutant kills it in competitions, but did you know he can also ride street like none other? Seb is a beast, and this video proves he is worthy of the entire video part. Great editing combined with some of the sickest urban riding make this worth the few minutes. Seriously, check out the switch backside hardway 270 onto the red ledge in Quebec.

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Posted by Dan, under Street / Urban, Videos.
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  • Thank you for this blog. It has a lot of great information and some great contributors. “Seb Toots Slaying Canadian Streets” – interesting title Dan. Great job Dan.

  • Great video love Seb’s style. I really like your site I am also getting the same type of blog up of my own and am affiliate of the house as well maybe we can help each other out. Would like some tips and building my website.

    • Dan

      Hey Cory, the best advice I can give you is do it because you enjoy it, not for the cash. Affiliate links are a great way to cover the costs of web hosting, but that’s about it unless you are getting a TON of traffic. And if it’s more traffic you want than just write good original content, nothing can compare.

      I am a web developer with a passion for snowboarding, so it was only natural for me to combine the two.

  • such a sick part. love the music & the slow motion really shows off his style