Smith Optics: Prospecting Idaho

- December 1, 2010

Prospecting Idaho is Smith Optics latest series of webisodes that have started leaking to the public since this November. Apparently they own their own private cat operation located just a mear 30 minutes from their corporate offices in Sun Valley Idaho. A total of 8 webisodes are set to be released throughout the 2010 season.

This 3rd installment of Prospecting Idaho features Scotty Lago’s first switch backside rodeo 1080. Seeing as how Lago grew up near my hometown in NH I am always up for giving him props, and lets face it, he deserves them most of the time. Also featuring Shayne Pospisil and Scotty Stevens, this is a great episode that captures what it takes to throw down in the Idaho backcountry.

Prospecting Idaho Episode # 3 from smith optics on Vimeo.

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Posted by Dan, under Reviews, Videos.
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  • TJ

    What song is playing in the beginning? Its hella dope whatever it is.

    • Dan

      Nightmares on Wax – Hear in Color

  • Sick guy, so so sick…

    I’m a newbie, I don’t know shit about snowboarding yet. But I loved the double back flip, we’ll see how long it takes me before I attempt anything that nuts out here in OHIO.

    • Dan

      Haha yeah, I’ve been boarding for like 15 years and can’t pull shit like that. To me it’s not about the being able to pull the craziest trick in the crowd but rather just riding and having good style even for the small tricks.