Snowboard Addiction: Video Park Lessons

- October 5, 2010

When it comes to sports, practice is the number one way to improve your skills. However sometimes we find ourselves unable to accomplish our goals without a little point in the right direction, snowboarding is no exception. Yet, sometimes it’s harder to get good advice than it is to just learn it yourself. For instance, what if all your boarding buddies are just a bunch of chumps with over priced gear and a lack of balance. Yeah, you can ask the strangers in the park for a few tips, but if your socially awkward or generally shy you may find it troubling to get real advice that works for you. Then there are always the snowboard camps & park lessons available at many resorts, but we all know how pricey they can be…

learn to ride like a pro

Everything’s Going to be OK
The crew over at are offering up video lessons for anyone interested in learning how to ride like the pro’s. We all need to start somewhere. If your having trouble landing those three’s or sticking that frontside boardslide, I recommend giving these guys a chance. They have put together a full line of videos available on DVD and digital download that will help you learn the techniques necessary for multiple types of riding, jumping & jibbing.

All videos are very professionally made, showing repeated examples of successful tricks and how to properly perform them. Starting from correct stance, to approach and right into landing, Snowboard Addiction may just be the helping hand you need when can’t quite figure out why you keep landing on your ass.

Check out this sample video on how to perform a frontside & backside 360.

Advanced Spinning Part 1 (Regular) from on Vimeo.

So if you need help or know someone who could use a hand learning to ride park give them a shot and then get out there and practice.

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