Snowboarding Playlist 2012/2013

- August 29, 2012

With my 2011/2012 Snowboarding Playlist getting so many hits this past year it’s only natural that we make this an annual WhoaSnow tradition. I introduce to you my 2012/2013 playlist put together on GrooveShark.

The 2013/2014 Snowboarding Playlist is now available!

Now you can listen to each track without searching it up on YouTube or what not. This is also a dynamic player, so as I add or remove songs this season you can follow along. Sometimes the songs won’t play, blame GrooveShark, not me 😉
2012/2013 Snowboarding Playlist by WhoaSnow on Grooveshark

I love listening to music while I board, but as I have said before, I enjoy listening to a defined style when on the mountain. The songs need to have a good constant rhythm and beat to them, something that I can ride park, powder or even chill on the lift listening to. The key is to not have too many tempo changes throughout the song. For this reason, each song on this playlist has been carefully thought out.

Now obviously some people have completely different tastes in music, I personally listen to a much broader selection when driving or working. Regardless, I’m not here to demand you listen to this, but if you need some new tunes for the trails this season or a new track for that film you have been working on since March, here are my hand picked tracks for snowboarding this year.

Want to Download this Playlist?

I can not legally give out the songs since they do not belong to me… However, iTunes does carry about 60% of the songs (unfortunately some remixes are not available on iTunes). View the list below to see what is available!

Let me know what you think!

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  • Wilhelm Cootman

    Still Remember every song in each years play list? Grooveshark is no longer available from April 30 2015 😛

  • Chas

    Pretty Lights!! PLFam

  • Rey Garcia

    Late to the game, but digging your playlist. I never put into words the criterion for a riding playlist that I like, but I think I’d choose words similar to yours. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Stoked to check out your 2013/2014 playlist! It’ll help tide me over for the next few painstaking months… winter can’t get here soon enough! 🙂

  • Riccardo Pellecchia

    Hello Bud, Love your playlist used nearly every song for the whole of last years season !! Was wondering if you could update it for the new season would be greatly appreciated thanks very much anyway 🙂

    • Dan

      Working on an entirely new one for this upcoming season. Over 30 songs so far, will finish it up soon and import it into Grooveshark. Stay tuned…

      • Riccardo Pellecchia

        Thanks for taking the time and sharing 😀

  • Risen8

    I am looking forward for 2013 playlist!!Cmon 🙂

    • Dan

      Working on it! I honestly hand pick every track so it takes some time to put together. Plan on mid Sept.

      • Risen8

        Take your time Dan and thanks for your time and sharing..