Tadashi Fuse: The Solo Mission & Lifestyle Project

- October 5, 2013

One of the big name YES. riders, and long time pow slasher, Tadashi Fuse has been releasing videos of him destroying Whistler backcountry for awhile now. He calls it the Lifestyle Project, or LSP for short. If you’re not already familiar, basically Tadashi set out alone with just his dedicated filmer, Taro Koeji, to hike and ride untouched pow in Whistler all season long. Reaching far beyond where most sleds can go, Fuse ended up with some of the best powder riding shots we have seen come from last year.

Below are a bunch of episodes of LSP, but the best edit, YES. Missions video on Tadashi that was dropped by Transworld Snowboarding yesterday can’t be directly embedded. So click here to head over there and watch a collection of Tadashi’s best powder riding from last year all in one video. In my opinion this is some of the best powder riding coming out of last season

If you want to see even more of Tadashi’s adventures into Whistler check out LSP’s Vimeo channel or just watch a few of the episodes below.

2013LSP “DAYS IN WHISTLER” Episode1 from LSP on Vimeo.

2013LSP “DAYS IN WHISTLER” Episode2 from LSP on Vimeo.

LSP DAYS IN WHISTLER Episode3 Tadashi Fuse from LSP on Vimeo.

For more visit LSP’s Vimeo channel

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