Beard Beanies & Hats by Beardhead Will Make You a Real Man

- November 17, 2013

Growing a beard is a serious matter. Not just for men, but for people of all ages and genders. Many of you may already be thinking “but Whoasnow, what is so important about having a beard”, and I am glad you asked.

Here are the top 5 reasons YOU need a beard.

  1. They keep you warm in the winter, and on the slopes.
  2. They send a warning to bears and other wild beasts that you mean business.
  3. You become instantly stronger.
  4. Every lumberjack is now your best friend, no questions asked.
  5. Beards are awesome, in turn, having a beard makes you awesome.

Beardhead Beard Beanies and HatsCan’t grow a beard?

If you can’t grow a beard, or you’re just too impatient to wait for yours to fill in, then you need a BeardHead, the beanies that turn boys into men.

OK, but seriously, the guys over at hooked Whoasnow up with a few hats and I wanted to give them some serious props. These things are awesome. Not only are they legitimately fun to wear, but they are actually built really nice.

Hmmm... this hat is nice but it's missing something... A BEARD!

I think the coolest part is you can remove the beard from the hat, and sport just the beanie alone. This makes the item so much more practical in terms of actually wearing one on the mountain or wherever. No more need for sissy neckwarmers or thin bandanas that just freeze solid from your breath. With a beardhead you got your very own beard to fight off the wintry elements. When it’s time to warm up in the lodge, or grab a bite to eat, just remove the beard but keep the hat on.

Keep your head & face warm

I might have stretched the truth that these things will make you instantly stronger, but I am not lying when I say they will actually keep your head and face warm. Each hat is built like your traditional knit cap which means they stretch to fit any size head and are warm and toasty on the inside. You really can’t go wrong.

So stop wishing you had a beard, and check out

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