Brociety: Cheap Snowboard Gear

- October 21, 2009

UPDATE: As of September 2010 Brociety is no more 🙁

By raise of hand, how many of you go post season snowboard shopping to score some sweet deals. OK, you can put your hands down now. I’m going to imagine there were a lot of hands waving about like school children that knew the right answer for once. brocietyIt’s only natural after blowing hundreds on season passes and lift tickets that we at least look for some sick deals on gear. So I’m here to tell you that you can get those sweet post season deals ALL THE TIME from the comfort of your own home.. or the home of your closest buddy with the internet, you dirty moochers.

Brociety is serving us sweet deals, up to 80% off, on great gear all year round.

That’s right, up to 80% off, and this aint no chump swag either. We’re talking names like Burton, Ride, Forum, K2, Salomon, Nixon, DC, Lib Tech and much more. So what’s the catch, right? Well, this is strictly a “one deal at a time” system. What I mean is they place one item at a time up for sale with limited quantities & variations available. Each item is up for 30 minutes or until sold out before replaced with another item. However, every item is at LEAST 50% off.

Who’s idea was it?

Brociety was developed by they guys over at after the initial success of Whiskey Militia among other “one deal at a time” sites. The idea was really quite genius if you ask me: “Only chumps pay full price.”

Sounds good Dan, but what have YOU purchased from Brociety?

The main reason I enjoy telling everyone about Brociety is because I am a frequent shopper myself. So far I have snagged the following products for myself since the end of last season.

Check out the prices…

Salomon Sanchez Snowboard: $139.99
Burton Staple Leather Pipe Gloves: $18.99
Oakley Wisdom J Goggles: $34.99
Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings: $79.99

OK, so you know they dish out some good deals here and there. But how is it possible to always know whats up for grabs and when to look. Lay your worries to rest, there are various alert systems to download and install for free that will connect directly into your browser or OS. This way, as long as your online you will never miss a deal.

See whats on sale at now!

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  • Thanks for this info. It was unfortunate that most snowboard enthusiasts could no longer take advantage of the great deals they are offering.