Skate 3: Fun With Ramps

- June 1, 2010

One of the coolest features in Skate 3 is the ability to drop objects anywhere, at any point, during your gameplay. Such as ramps, rails, boxes, trash cans, and various other objects. This opens up unlimited possibilities when it comes to setting up the perfect line.

Check out these two recent videos of me playing with ramp placement. Because sometimes, you just need that added boost.

Fun With Ramps 1: Adding a ramp before the quarter-pipe allowed for a huge step-up gap.

Fun With Ramps 2: After skating down this huge hill I thought “Dude, if only there were a ramp riiight over…wait a minute!” After placing a ramp it was apparent I need another one to act as a landing. Quite honestly, this trick took multiple attempts to get the placement right.

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