Snowboard Movie Soundtracks

- September 27, 2010

Snowboard Movie SoundtracksWatch a lot of snowboarding movies? Ever wonder what songs you are listening to or where you can get your dirtly little paws on them? Worry no more!

Awhile ago I reviewed a popular website called Rider Tunes which has managed to categorize almost every snowboarding movie and soundtrack since 1999. While this site is great in itself, a few songs do lack links to download locations which leaves some users still searching.

Now I would like to point you to a similar website: PowderManiac. This site, while mostly in German, has an enormous catalog of snowboarding movies along with their corresponding soundtracks all conveniently categorize for your viewing pleasure. They have even managed to supply multiple download links for each song to the likes of iTunes, Amazon and a more local German service called Musicload.

While the site can be a bit confusing if you cannot read the German language, it seems most, if not all of the soundtracks are in english. Also, if you click on the UK flag icon in the upper right of the page it will translate the site to English. To find a movie sountrack either use the supplied drop down boxes or below the drop down’s simply choose the year of the movie you are trying to locate, then proceed to click the movie title for a list of songs. While I did find a few listings that seemed incomplete, for the most part they did an amazing job.

So check them out online or even help spread the word by liking their Facebook page.

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    Another Great Site to get nearly every Soundtrack from each mtb, Ski, Snowboard, wakeboard, Skate, BMX or motox Movie is