Snowboarding Playlist 2013/2014

- September 22, 2013

So here we are. Another season right around the corner. You can feel the temps dropping & see the leaves are falling. New gear fills the shops at every corner and pre-season rail jams are popping up left and right. As we all wait together in anticipation, here are some songs to get your blood flowing just a bit more. These are my hand picked songs for the 2013/2014 snowboarding season.

The 2014/2015 Snowboarding Playlist is now available!

Every year this playlist progresses, and every year I feel it gets even better, this season’s track list is no exception. Obviously these are all songs I personally like, but they were mostly picked for their “ridability”… Consisting of a handful of indie remixes, a variety of electronic beats, a few alternative favorites, and even a splash of 80’s classics; I am happy with it so far. As usual I will continue to add tracks over the next few months.

Click Here to Listen Directly on Grooveshark

2013/2014 Snowboarding Playlist by WhoaSnow on Grooveshark

Lets face it, not everyone shares the same taste in music. So while I hope you guys enjoy what you hear, I know it wont appeal to everyone. Feel free to leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comments. A few of the suggestions last year made it into the 2012/2013 playlist, and even a some into this new playlist! So please share!

Want to Download this Playlist?

I can not legally give out the songs since they do not belong to me… However, iTunes does carry about 75% of the songs (unfortunately some remixes are not available on iTunes). View the list below to see what is available!

Looking for the 2012/2013 playlist? Click Here!

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  • Emily

    put some more alternative music in? maybe some alt-j or milky chance? love the electric guest and pretty lights songs though!

  • Juan M

    I look forward to these every year! Is there going to be a 2014 -2015?

  • Sid

    The Glitch Mob – Warrior Concerto
    The Glitch Mob – Drive it Like You Stole It
    The Glitch Mob – We Can Make the World Stop

  • alex

    your playlist is very juicy

  • O.T.

    Wow, absolutely amazing playlist. THANK YOU!

  • iamnevins

    how do i download this?

    • Dan

      Hey you can’t really download it directly and unfortunately I cant give away the songs legally. However you can listen to it online and there is a Grooveshark app as well.

    • BeLa Vg

      Find a song on Youtube and download it with some online ytb downloader…

  • Jordan

    how do I download this onto my computer?

  • Ron Kuykendall

    Thanks for all your work. Some good music but don’t you like to change it up some? Different music puts me in different moods of riding so while I like this type of music some of the time, I like to mix it up with Rock and rap.

    • Dan

      Hey Ron, yeah I personally listen to a wide variety of music, but stick to stuff with a solid tempo and good beat when it comes to riding. I find that way it just flows and makes good background music on the trail and on the lift.

  • Juan Montoya

    Awesome playlist! Last year when I listened to the 12-13 playlist I’d heard 2 or 3 songs and left with a 20+ mountain soundtrack. Happy to say, this year the story repeats itself!

  • Mereana

    I’m about 30 seconds in and I love it already.

  • Riccardo Pellecchia

    Thanks very much for the effort ! Will listen the weekend and give suggestions if needed 🙂

  • Ben :)

    You missed some 🙂

    • Dan

      Sweet, thanks for the suggestions, I will check them out

    • BilVak

      Amazing list Dan.I would like to thank Ben for sharing his playlist.Ben if you know other songs close to London Grammar-Wasting my young years remix please share with us it was fantastic 🙂