Whats on Your Snowboarding Playlist?

- November 8, 2010

Update 2012: Below is my 2010/2011 snowboarding playlist, check out my 2012/2013 snowboarding playlist. & also my 2011/2012 snowboarding playlist.

As you may have guessed from the snowboarding music link at the top of the site, I spend a lot of time listening to music as well as on my board. In fact, I love to listen to music while snowboarding when the opportunity presents itself.

So as the temperature drops and boarders are nestled all snug in the bed with thoughts of powder pillows dancing in the heads, I am up late putting together my new seasons snowboard playlist. So far I have found 50 songs worthy of the slopes this year, however I am sure there will be more to come.

How Does Your Boarding Playlist Differ From Your Normal Day-to-Day Playlist?

Good question, I think. I find I have a generally broad taste of music, but if I had to categorize my iPod from most common to least common from left to right here goes: punk, alternative, rock, ska, hip-hop, DJ, electronic / instrumental, acoustic, classic rock, various others... As you can see I have deep routes in the punk scene, starting back in middle school when I was just a youngin. Yet, I really don’t listen to punk much when boarding. The problem is generally with the tempo of the music. When I’m boarding I need something that matches my flow on the board, something that I can just cruise to whether it be park or powder. Generally this means I need some hip-hop or instrumental music. If I slow down or take a digger* I dont want some dude screaming in my ear. However, if there’s just a good chill song playing I’m more comfortable when riding fast, slow, or even when stopped.

So check it out. 2010 first 50 songs.

2010 Snowboard Playlist

Some Things to Look For

So I don’t have to repeat myself checkout these posts for some of the bands on the playlist: Amplive, The Glitch Mob Chronic Future, Girl Talk, The Flobots & The Killers. What you will also find are various songs from some past snowboard movies, a little classic rock, some 80’s & 90’s songs covered by punk bands (yeah I dont get it either, but it just works in my opinion) a little Radiohead, some White Stripes and a few other bands I fancy at the moment.

So This Begs the Question

What’s on YOUR 2010 Snowboarding Playlist?

*Disclaimer: If you dont fall, you’re not trying hard enough.

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  • Try some m83! And the soundtrack of The Social Network I think will fall into your tastes.
    I prefer something more edgy like Metal and Punk; bands like Motorhead, Metallica, Immortal, and a lot of Skate Punk bands pump me really well when I’m riding!
    BTW, nice blog! I am trying to make myself a niche over at http://www.powderlines.co.nr/ with video reviews, music reviews, and occasional editiorials if you are interested… Take a moment to visit!

    • Dan

      Hey Michaël, thanks for the suggestions! This is actually my 2010/2011 playlist, if you check out my 2011/2012 you will notice I actually have some M83 on there so I highly approve haha. I have only heard a partial track list off their new release you mention on Powderlines, I’ll have to check out all of it for sure.

  • Dan

    Wow man, thanks, I much approve. Awolnation’s Sail is such a good tune, I cant wait to play that on the mountain, I’ll look into the ones you posted that I don’t have. I’ll also be posting my upcoming seasons list soon. I know for sure Limousine’s – Swrdswllngwhr will be on there.

  • anon

    Tyler the creator – “goblin” and “yonkers”
    Gil talk – the whole album “All Day”
    Awolnation – “sail” and “jump on my shoulders”
    Aesop rock – “None shall pass”
    Lil Wayne – “I’m a monster”
    Fat boy slim “don’t let the man get you down”
    Eric B & Rakim – “don’t sweat the technique”
    Gorillaz – “on melancholy hill”
    Eels – “fresh feeling”
    Maino – “all the above”
    Wiz kahlifa – “no sleep”

    Im posting from memory because im not next to my computer but these songs are going to be key in the upcoming seasons boardlist.

  • HEADER221

    so week!!!

    Revival- Soulsavers. download that shit. anddddd the whole “THATS IT THATS ALL” soundtrack

    • Dan

      Checked it out, yeah good song for sure, thanks. Pretty much any song off of a movie as good as “Thats It Thats All” is good to snowboard to because of the association to the movie.

  • Boo

    Another good singer is Trouble Andrew!