We got a good dumping of powder just in time for Valentines Day this year. What better way to spend this special day than with that special lady, Mother Nature. Below is some GoPro footy I captured tearing up Cannon Mountain in Franconia, NH on Feb 14th, 2014. Nothing crazy, just some good old fashioned face shots of cold dry powder.

Cannon & Mittersill Valentines Day Powder 2014 from WhoaSnow on Vimeo.

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Scott Stevens Full Part 2013

- December 10, 2013

This full part from Scott Stevens dropped last month and its pretty sweet.

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Check out Halldor’s full part from Nike’s Never Not Part 1.

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Growing a beard is a serious matter. Not just for men, but for people of all ages and genders.

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The Gigi in his natural habitat, preying on powder, and ultimately slaying the beast.

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There are a ton of snowboarding multi-tools out there, so what makes HexFlex the “best”? In my opinion it’s simple.

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If you haven’t seen Grenier’s full part this year… do it. NOW!.. Please?

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